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Never doubted him, never will.

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Name:captain jack harkness.
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captain of the innuendo squad

Captain Jack Harkness. The anomaly. The immortal.

Jack isn't the same though. Things aren't exactly typical canon for him. Instead of returning to his team following the alternate timeline with the Master he chose a different path. Jack stayed with the Doctor. He needed to be with someone who understood. He could handle the avoided eye contact and the TARDIS trying to run out on him. He could not however handle going back to his teammates after the fate he had just suffered for a year. Jack chose to stay with the only individual who would understand and not speak up about it at the same time. Since that day he has been by that mans side through all of it.

He can't make himself leave. How could he? How would his team understand what he had been through? He didn't think he could ever properly explain it and other than a string of sexual encounters and some over the sweater flirting with a certain someone he felt no need to return. Torchwood was no longer his concern after that year.

It's been a long time since Jack left his team behind without so much as a word of if he was even alive. He feels it's best to keep himself hidden from them. Always traveling with the Doctor and whoever he finds.

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