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Running. Always with the running. If Jack wasn't in shape then this would really start to get to him. He'd have to have words with the Doctor and his ability to make things constantly chase them. Oddly enough the running was probably going to keep him in pretty good shape. Traveling with the Doctor was the best workout anyone could ask for. What were they running from right now? Something robotic with guns and that basically meant run in the opposite direction. If it was just one? The Doctor could probably just sonic the bastard, but it was more than one. Jack had exhausted his sidearm and was more than a little upset he didn't bring more ammo on this outing.

They rounded a corner and he pressed his back against the wall. His breathing was heavy and he prayed that they had been so far behind they hadn't seen the turn. He looked over at the Doctor and gave him a look. "Don't bring the gun, Jack! You won't need it!" Yeah he was throwing that back at him. ""Don't bring extra ammo, Jack. Just don't." Yeah he was glaring at him. Glaring like a mad man.

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"Don't give me that look, Jack. I hate guns. No need for them!"

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"No need for them? Really? A robot is trying to shoot me in the face! How does that no warrant the use of a firearm?" Was Jack irritated? Yes. People trying to kill him just made him cranky like that.

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"You could duck, maybe? They usually use lasers. Either that or, use...oh yeah, you don't have one." He laughs, holding up his sonic screwdriver.

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"Duck? Your bright idea is duck?" His frown got deeper and he groaned. "Oh go put up some shelves, know-it-all." He peeked out again quickly and ducked back just as a laser went past the corner.

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"Oi! Enough with the abuse! What happened to never doubting me, ay?"

He definitely is annoyed with his friend, doing what he was talking about.

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Pardon him lasers coming at his face just aren't fun at all. "Go, go, go, go!" He could hear it getting closer and he wasn't itching to have to heal after having his head blown off. That was never fun. "To be fair this isn't doubt! It's irritation!"

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He sprints as he always does, ducking when appropriate. "Irritation? Really? And you're not irritating?" Like the Doctor usually does, he gets caught up in petty arguments, when he should have his mind on surviving.

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"No! Never!" Yeah he's smiling like an idiot as he runs along behind him. "Go left" He shouted!" An argument with the Doctor was never really an argument. It was usually resolved fairly quickly. He couldn't stay mad at the man.

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The Doctor does indeed go left. Jack must know something he doesn't. That is surprising. "I think we'll be in the clear now!" He shouts above the noise.

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Jack just remembers the way they came into this death trap. He's pretty, but he's also kinda smart when he needs to be. He slid to a stop next to the Doctor and let out a sigh. He looked around and then at the Doctor. "My problem or yours?" Referring to who Mr. Roboto was after.

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"Probably mine. You know my gob can get me into trouble," he grins. "I think I have a reputation around the universe."